Fate of the furious (2017): Just another one

I have definitely had a worse time watching a movie.

The fast and the furious series is so close to me really liking them,  But it’s quite not there yet. I did have a good time with fast five and I haven’t seen Tokyo drift. But I found the sixth utterly boring and the seventh one lacklustre with horrible editing for the fight scenes. I do appreciate the buildings jumping scene and the Paul Walker send-off though.  I definitely enjoyed this one more than the previous two. They left the fighting to the trained Jason Statham and actually filmed it so you could see what happens. And they had more of the Rock; he is definitely the best part of these movies for me. He is a national treasure that must be savoured. It is also refreshing to have a likeable government character in this day and age.

If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend checking out Patrick Willems’ video on what appeal there is in these movies. And I do agree for the most part with him. I think these movies as street racing movies are boring and that they work much better as car themed international superhero movies. Where my opinion differs from him is that I don’t feel that they have completely embraced their strengths. This might not be the most popular of opinions but I feel like the Fast and furious franchise haven’t become crazy enough. Sure we had scenes like the remote controlled pileup of a hundred cars and rock pushing away a torpedo with his hands. Sadly those were just some small parts between normal races, uninteresting drama and not so good villain. It felt that though this movie wasn’t a proper escalation of the previous movies, and it did have multiple chances of doing this stuff. When in the climax they are on an uninhabited ice landscape with the threat of remote-controlled nuclear explosions. A perfect setup with the Dom doing something crazy like out-driving a nuclear explosion. But alas, we get something milder as racing the submarine and redirecting a heat seeking missile. Even though the moment where dom’s friends come back and shield him from the explosion is endearing in the way only this series can.

When it comes to the villain of this movie there was a weird problem I haven’t encountered much in movies. Even though the villain was nothing special, I will give props to the writers for actually exploring her psychology. So it’s strange for me that I know so much about how she operates and how her world view is, even more than some of the main characters. But after all that exploration, they still forgot to give her motivation.  Even her evil plan in the movie to gather some nukes is just to get some extortion in case people try to stop her bigger plans we know nothing about. She did escape though so maybe we get to know in the next movie.

At this point in the series you know if this is the movie for you or not. you get what you expect.

3 thoughts on “Fate of the furious (2017): Just another one

  1. Great review. I was pleasantly surprised with this movie, cheesy as always but extremely entertaining. You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!


    1. Thanks. i am still pretty new to this and are ironing out a couple of wrinkles. And i did enjoy this movie fine, but i still hope they just keep making them crazier with the coming movies. I am also excited to see which star they are going to hold captive for their franchise next.

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