Hell or high water (2016): A western in modern form

I’m not quite sure what to say about this one.

It had to happen sooner or later. I just hoped that it would be longer before the fourth movie I write about, but this is bound to happen when I have as a goal to write about every movie after I have watched it. And honestly, one would think that I would have a lot to say this one. It seems to be a critical darling with a stunning 98% on rotten tomato. And it does have some interesting ideas about power balance in Texas, but there isn’t enough meat on the bones for me to extract something. It just might be that I am a sheltered boy from Norway and don’t get the intricacies of this problem over in America land.

I think the main problem for me with this is that I feel a dissonance between the movie on a surface level and what the movie does with its subtext. Even though it have interesting approaches like utilising old western tropes in modern texas to draw parallels, but the problem for me is that all this fancy talk about the little people and use of genre feels separate from what is happening. So much so that for the most of the movie. I didn’t even know what the goal was and what the movie was actually about.

But don’t get me wrong. I actually did enjoy this movie. This is a slow, mellow and comfy movie about two endearing but troubled brothers taking a satisfying revenge towards the banks that screwed them over. And the two rangers following them. All with a stellar cast and crisp, clean directing. So you might get a lot to think about if you watch this movie, but it just didn’t click for me on that level, but it’s still a pretty good movie on the surface level. It just didn’t make for a good movie to write an article about.

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