The World’s End: synergy between avant-garde and the conventional

I have been reflecting some and I’m starting to wonder if The worlds end is my favourite movie. It’s takes everything I love about cinema and put it together in perfect synthesis. It takes elements of both art and pop media to create one coherent whole. It’s use of inverse drama elevate both parts of the story and make them both hit so much harder in the end, It’s thematically dense, it has a thematic throughline of dealing with mid-life crisis and addiction but it branches out to so many different aspects of humanity that it ends up accumulated into commenting about all Humans relations to deeprooted personal character flaws. And give a somber and melancholic but heartening message about it in the end. this is also put together with Wright’s usual insane attention to detail where nearly everything spoken and seen comes back around to either make or support a point. And the great thing is that I can completely ignore all of this and still get a great movie on purely surface levels

The movie is still a great drama/sci-fi/comedy romp. Its action is expertly crafted. The choreographer wanted to keep the strong characterisation through the fighting and even characterise them even more so each character uses different styles of fighting fit for them, that is something that any good action would do, but it gets even better when the actors themselves where willing to put in weeks of training for these action scenes so they could do them themselves and use a lot of long-takes to allow us to keep focus in the chaos. And this alongside Wright’s knack for keeping things kinetic, we are gifted with some truly amazing and memorable action scenes. Although it’s not the funniest in the cornetto trilogy i still find alot of the parts hilarious, not much to say other than it’s a really fun crew of actors put together with a really funny director and writers. the “so fuck it” delivery of Nick Frost as he opens the door still gets to me. But it also isn’t above engaging in some B-movie schlock with a fun sci-fi story. And Simon gives some of the best performance of his career with a broken man where you see every mental gymnastic acted out in subtle detail juxtaposed with a bombastic presentation of denial and strong emotions.

I understand how this movie isn’t for everyone though. This is definitely the most unclear of the Cornetto trilogy, it’s much easier to “get” what the others are about but this movie is much more harder to unravel and therefore harder to get into. And it’s use of inverse drama might seem as an excuse because it requires a certain lens to be watched through for the more bizarre character choices to make sense and makes everything a bit harder to digest for most. Which is the reason as to why it’s most often delegated to art movies. But I don’t mind it’s more off-kilter approach to the dramatic structure so I got one hell of a movie.


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