Starship Troopers is a movie that manages to be both subtle and in-your-face at the same time. It has a satirical core that goes through the entire movie, but even though it gets close sometimes (like the Verhoeven signature cutaways) it never fully winks at the audience. This somewhat to its decrement. If we take a look at the Rotten Tomato[1] (not the most scientific measurement but it helps the point), we can see it got a 63% and several of the critics that gave both a positive and negative rating. Thought the movie to be nothing more than its surface levels and saw it as an overblown and shallow sci-fi gore fest. And even though the movie is those things, it’s done with a purpose, function and self-awareness. Continue reading “STARSHIP TROOPERS AND THE CINEMATIC LANGUAGE OF FAUX PROPAGANDA (1997)”


The unappreciated Brilliance of Speed Racer (2008)

The Wachowskis’ 2008 movie, Speed Racer was not a well-received movie. It still isn’t even though it has gained the rank as cult hit in its later years. It still sports a 40% on rotten tomato and have either completely fallen out of the cultural habitus or are remembered by some as just a dumb and overly flashy kids movie. This movie however still stands as one of my favourites and I will continue to hail it as a masterpiece. And I don’t think this movie gets the credit it deserves. So it’s time for some overdue appreciation and exploration of some interesting and wholesome things that Speed Racer achieved.

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